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Colon Hydrotherapy Program

Our Colon Hydrotherapy page offers information on making appointments, individual and package costs, FAQ's, our Health Questionnaire and more so that you may have an excellent colon hydrotherapy session. Our colon hydrotherapy is also available for Colonoscopy Prep.Please look at our concierge offering especially if you are working on a specific issue or condition.

Detoxification Programs

I work with many forms of detoxification and many detox product companies.

The water therapies detoxify the bowel such as enemas and colonics.

Plant nutrition cleanses the gut and body.

Fasting and autophagy give the gut a break and allow healing and regeneration to occur in the gut and body.

I am knowledgeable about numerous high quality protocols for detoxing your bowel, liver, kidneys and parasites as part of your overall detox and rebuild program.

Some are doing chelation therapy with their naturopath and are receiving colon hydrotherapy during that time.

Some doctors send people for colon hydrotherapy while they are detoxing to heal Lyme and mold issues.

Cleansing the body is possible.

Cleansing the body occurs anytime you make a REAL FOOD nutritional choice rather than a processed food choice.

Be in touch with me to help you plan a detox and guide you through it. Contact me via phone, email or text.

Colon Hydrotherapy
Preparation for Colonoscopy

We now offer you Colonoscopy Preparation using Colon Hydrotherapy. More hospitals and doctor's offices around the country are offering colon hydrotherapy for colonoscopy preparation. Please see my Colon Hydrotherapy page for the protocol.

“A major deterrent to patients receiving a potentially life-saving colonoscopy is the difficult pre-procedure preparation. Colon hydrotherapy is not only gentler, it is as good or better at cleaning the colon than traditional methods.”

"As an alternative to some of the intolerable bowel preps for colonoscopies, Barton Health purchased a colon hydrotherapy system in March. Colon hydrotherapy is a method of cleansing the entire colon using warm, filtered water. Hydrotherapy has shown to be more effective and better tolerated than the standard methods of bowel prep for colonoscopy."

“The procedure is quite easy and painless for patients,” said Barton's G.I. nurse. “All of the patients who have experienced colon hydrotherapy have been very pleased with the procedure.”
Barton’s GI nurse has performed more than 2,000 colon hydrotherapy procedures throughout her career."


Gut & Psychology Syndrome(GAPS™} and Other Gut-Friendly Nutritional Protocols

Gut healing nutritional programs

I promote REAL FOOD as my nutritional base. I focus on 2 nutritional and lifestyle programs that heal and seal the gut wall and reseed the good microbes. The key programs I work with and follow myself are Gut and Paychology Syndrome (GAPS™) by Natasha Campbell-McBride MD (2010) and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet  (SCD) by Elaine Gottschall MS (Breaking the Vicious Cycle).

I am familiar and work with ketogenic, raw vegan, and carnivore diets. I am interested in the ancestral traditions that are most beneficial for us, that make us the most evolved beings we are capable of. The main goal is to heal and seal the gut wall and reseed the good microbes. When we do this, our whole physical, emotional and mental faculties heal from healing the gut. The gut is the goal!

From time to time, I give classes on recipes for the GAPS™ and SCD to teach the simple basics of their foundational principles and to create delicious dishes. We can only be successful on our nutritional program when we have conquered hunger and craving. GAPS™ and SCD undermine and heal the hunger and craving that come from processed foods, carbohydrates and seed oils.

I counsel people on these nutritional programs and hold culinary classes to promote the natural healing that comes from a REAL FOOD nutrition program.