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Detoxification Programs and Protocols

Would you like guidance on choosing a detoxification program, or your first or additional cleanses?

Detoxification is part of a balanced program to heal oneself and maintain good health. While people receive colon hydrotherapy, they have the option of going deeper. Going deeper is organ cleansing, heavy metal detox, parasite cleansing and industrial chemical chelation.

Why Detox or Cleanse?

List of Detoxification Programs and Companies

What are your options?
Sonne's Organic Foods, Inc
psyllium, bentonite, beet, wheat grass

Dr Hulda Clark
Parasites, liver, kidney, bowel

Pure Joy Planet
Elaina Love gives periodic cleanses coordinate online.

American Botanical Pharmacy Dr Schulze
Bowel, liver, kidney, 30-day, incurables

Arise and Shine
14- day and 28-day Cleanses

Blessed Herbs
A gentle cleansing program

Grace Grove

Colon Hydrotherapy Frequency during a Detox

The number or frequency of colonics is individual and can be combined with enema or laxative use at home. Major detoxification or cleansing programs require daily elimination using laxatives, enemas and colonics. Classic programs are: 3 colonics one at beginning, middle and end of 7-day cleanse; 5 colonics for a 2-week cleanse; 8 colonics for a 28-day cleanse.

Most cleanses are designed with enough laxative to help you eliminate every day. You have to be able to eliminate first to initiate a bowel cleanse although many of you are taking on a cleanse to help you eliminate. For those that eliminate well, it’s easier. However, the majority of people are stuffed up and with sluggish bowel muscles. The 2018 bowel is more like a sack than a muscle. One goal of a bowel detox and colon hydrotherapy is to help restore peristalsis, the natural muscle motion of your gut.