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December 2011
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Hello Everyone,

I am wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

This newsletter is devoted to a wonderful story that one of my clients wrote, Poopin' Like Smokey and LadyKate. I think you'll like it as she tells us about her animals as well as her own intestinal health. LadyKate is the picture to the left, her own horse that she trained to be peaceful. Horses, touching hearts and health, what a combo.

I am offering a Gift Certificate to you for those you know that would love to receive a colonic for their special holiday treat.

Are you traveling and find yourself constipated or in intestinal distress? Read on, info on that.

Scroll down to read about the Trauma Resolution workshop my brother, Michael Shea PhD, is giving in Scottsdale at Cortiva in January and February.

Keep it simple, keep it close to the heart, keep away from sugar and enjoy intestinal health over the holidays. I am going to be writing more about the 'sugar disease' in the New Year. Be prepared.

Plus, I want to take this time to thank all my amazing clients who throughout the year have taken such great care of themselves and moved into a realm of greater health! You are right on.



bulletGift Certificate

Give a Gift Certificate to someone you know has always wanted to do Colon Hydrotherapy. Our special Holiday price is $60.

To request your gift certificate: Email: [email protected] or Call: 520-325-9686.

Gift Certificate

Travelers' Constipation

You are so excited to be traveling over the holidays. You get to your destination and find yourself miserable with constipation or other intestinal distresses. It's hard to party, to socialize with friends, to work out and sometimes, even to eat. Have you thought of calling your Colon Therapist and asking for an appointment?

Frequently over the holidays I get calls from intestinally challenged travelers! I am on call over the holidays for you or anyone you know that would like to relieve constipation, gas and bloat from traveling. Sometimes one colonic does the magic; other times we need to do 2-3 colonics to get you on track. You can blend your colonic time in with your other activities and consider it a relaxing spa time for yourself. Email: [email protected] or Call: 520-325-9686.

bulletTrauma Resolution Workshop by Michael Shea Ph.D.

Body workers have a great opportunity to study with my brother Michael in Scottsdale AZ at the Cortiva Institute beginning in late January and February.

"If you are interested in taking this training, please call the Cortiva Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona at 480.684.1247. Or you can visit my website, for more information on each of the modules. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Love, Michael"

Michael Shea Brochure Click on the Adobe PDF icon for more information

Poopin' like Smokey and LadyKate

My father was a veterinarian. The dinner table was often entertained by stories about animals. He cared for both large and small animals so my brother and I got to hear about everything from how you know when you've made friends with an elephant to the perils of clipping a parakeet's beak. I took up the love of animals a little differently. I am both a canine rehabilitation trainer and a certified equine assisted psychotherapist. Both require developing a trusting relationship with these amazing creatures. I have had the privilege of watching each of these animals heal people in astounding ways simply by being the creatures they are. They have taught me patience. In our feeble human attempts to understand what horse and dog are trying to tell us, teach us and give us we are often called to stand . . . very quietly. . . and observe.


About one month ago I started Dr. Junger's Clean Program. I was so tired. Physically tired, but also tired of never really feeling well. So I decide my health needs to be an inside-out job. As I do my research I learn that my colon has not functioned like it should for a long time. I learn that most humans poop once a day, if they are lucky, and that this is not normal. And then in Junger's book no less, there it is. He says: watch animals. He says: they poop when they eat. In the case of my Lab/Rottweiler, Smokey, he poops when he eats and then he poops some more and then some more again. I've been calling him poop-head

since the day he came into my life. I've often thought:"Where does all that poop come from?" And it is the same with my Arabian/Paint mare. I named her LadyKate because she is no "lady". It's funny how as infants we understand the importance of elimination. We lose this knowledge as we age.

So how did I get to this maybe once a day, always bloated place in my life? As I watched Smokey and LadyKate, I learned some things about myself. I already knew I didn't poop when I ate. But I learned that I have certain attitudes about elimination. It's disruptive. I have better things to do. I have more important things to do. It's a chore, something to get over with so I can move on with my day. This attitude translated into not giving me the time I needed and turned elimination into a stressful and rushed experience. Smokey and LadyKate do not care where they are or what's going on around them. Nor do they permit activity to interfere with pooping. Pooping is the priority. They are not stressed when they poop. In fact, they are quite relaxed. Not once have I seen them stop in mid-poop to do something else.

Since the above realizations, elimination is now a different experience entirely. I lean back now, much like when I am getting hydrotherapy, close my eyes and visualize the board at the end of Sheila's table and I remember to relax, to breath, to open and, above all, to honor my body. I don't care how long it takes. I don't think about what I am in the middle of doing or what I need to do next. I have cleansing thoughts and use the time to meditate and pray.

Since this new approach, I am happy to report that I am finally poopin' like Smokey and LadyKate!!!

Inge and LadyKate
Inge and LadyKate

Inge Detweiler can be reached through the horse work website, Look up the Arizona Networking Groups and search for Tucson. All of her contact information is there. She is the EAGALA Networking Coordinator for Tucson.

The Clean Program
Clean by Alexandro Junger MD

Juicy Intestinal Gossip

Ond of my dear clients sent me this intestinal analysis of Elvis Presley.

Dr. Daniel Brookoff on Elvis's Autopsy & Struggle With Bowel Disease (available video)

IC activist Dr. Dan Brookoff was one of several doctors selected to review Elvis Presley's medical record and autopsy results to help determine the cause of his death. Elvis did NOT die of a drug overdose. Elvis had a very severe genetic illness of the bowel, Hirschsprung's disease. As he grew older, the disease progressed until at the time of his death he had a very twisted colon, was severely constipated and also struggled with "overflow diarrhea." Out of a fear of having "accidents," he took a lot of the medication Lomotil, one side effect of which is heart arrhythmias.  Dr. Brookoff passed away earlier this year.

*From ICN, Interstitial Cystitis Network

Hrschsprung's Disease can be healed using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The disease also called neo-natal paralysis is the absence of nerve development in the gut.

bulletToday's photo of Cirsten's lunch

One Healthy Lunch
One Healthy Lunch

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Final Words

life in winter desert
Life in Winter Desert

I have loved serving all of you throughout the year with colon hydrotherapy, nutritional counseling and education. May you continue to prosper in your health in the New Year. Let's continue our great path to feeling better and better about ourselves and others.

Be in touch.


[email protected]