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February 2012
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Welcome to the Intestinal Health Institute


Lotus Flower

We are moving into a whole new realm of healing. More and more of my clients are tackling the challenges of prevention, weight loss and diabetes in the most positive ways. Some are inspired by Alejandro Junger’s book and program called Clean. Many are taking on cleanses of their GI (Gastrointestinal) tract as well as their liver and gall bladder. The whole direction is returning to nature and what is natural, returning to the kitchen and doing it with friends and family.

This month I am presenting with some very special cleansing packages and prices. I also announce new pricing on colon hydrotherapy sessions,

the first time I have gone up in price since 2007! The Cleanse Package Specials will be at the old rates plus another discount. We are carrying products at the office that are specific to your intestinal health needs. I am also offering Raw Food Classes again. Many of you want to learn, so I am providing an opportunity for you. Spring is coming and what a perfect time to go to your next health level.

Read on and enjoy.

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bulletCleanse Package Specials Special Offer

I can coach you on each step of your cleanse, answer your questions, help you plan the frequency and sequencing of the colonics in relation to the cleanses and the best time for you to begin.

The 7 and 28-Day Cleanse kits encompass a vegan diet, psyllium and bentonite shakes, herbal formulas, one probiotic and the Program Guide. The 7-Day kit comes in packets that are easy and simple to use. The 28-Day kit contains the bottles of formulas. Shakers are included in the kit.

The 6-day Liver Gall Bladder cleanse is found on page 114 of the Mortitz book. The book is devoted to the importance of the liver gall bladder and how liver gall bladder health relates to all organs and ailments! You have the opportunity to read this during your cleanse and keep your mind focused.

There is no time like the present to take hold of your health and go to a higher level. Behavior modification in the form of cleanses and colonics gives our bodies and spirits an uplift, sets up new positive habits and shows us a new and wonderful way we can feel. Once you know how good you can feel, you want to return.

I am offering 3 different cleansing packages to accommodate the spectrum from the beginner to the sophisticate. Jump in wherever you are and take your internal health to the next level.

You can Email or call me (520) 520-325-9686 to initiate a Cleanse Pack!

Starter Pack
7-Day Cleanse Kit by Arise & Shine & 3 Colonics

  7-Day Kit: $87  
  3 Colonics: $216  
  Total: $303  
  Your Discount Price: $270  
Taking the Next Step Pack
7-Day Cleanse & the Liver/Gall Bladder Miracle Cleanse & 5 Colonics
  7-Day Kit:: $87 Miracle Cleanse
  The Liver And Gall Bladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz:
(You provide your own product: apple juice, citrus, olive oil, Epsom salt)
  Colonics: $350
  Total: $453
  Your Discount Price: $400
The Ultimate Power Pack
28-Day Cleanse Kit & Liver/Gall Bladder Miracle Cleanse & 10 Colonics
  28-Day Cleanse Kit $262
  The Liver And Gall Bladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz: $16
  10 Colonics: $650
  Total: $928  
  Your Discount Price: $835  

New Colonic Prices in the New Year!

This is the first change in pricing since 2007. Check out the new price schedule with packages. What I bring to you is 35 years of experience, nutritional and detoxing counseling/classes and wonderful lifestyle change resources.

  • One (1) Session
  • Three (3) Sessions
  • Five (5) Sessions
  • Eight (8) Sessions
  • Ten (10) Sessions
  • Consultation

bulletNew Products!

We Now Carry at the Office

  • Enema bags, 2 quart
  • Gas Relief Enzymes by Advanced Naturals
  • Ultimate FloraMax 30 Billion Probiotic by Advanced Naturals

bulletTop Selling Books

Breaking Through The Vicious Cycle Breaking the Vicious Cycle, Gottschall

Miracle Cleanse The Liver Gall Bladder Miracle Cleanse, Moritz $14.95
Cleanse & Purify Thysefl Cleanse and Purify Thyself, Anderson $9.95
Colon Health Colon Health, Walker $9.95
  9.1% sales tax  

Upcoming Events

Raw Food Preparation Class 101A March 18, Sunday, 12-3PM

Raw Foods

Raw Food 101A is coming back. So many clients would like to eat better. Many clients come in and are baffled about how to begin preparing food and making meals from scratch and natural ingredients. Many have asked to learn more about natural and raw food preparation. This Raw Food Workshop 101A will cover the basics of natural and raw food preparation; equipment, utensils, recipes and tips! What’s even more exciting, the food tastes great! Plan to have fun and a few laughs, too.

It’s time to have another Sunday afternoon session and tune into the next level of delicious food preparation. I plan to teach my Raw Food Workshop on March 18, Sunday from 12-3PM at my home. Directions upon registration.

Cost is $79 per person. Workshop includes copies of the recipes, Q&A and a lovely tasting buffet and beverages to finish.

I will be raffling off a free colonic session!

Recipes will include Almond Milk, Green Smoothies, Cream Italian Dressing, a Sprout Salad, Sicilian Pesto and of course, a ‘decadent’ and healthy raw food dessert.

To register Email or call me (520) 520-325-9686.


Tubac Health Fair March 31, Saturday, 10AM-4PM

The Intestinal Health Institute has been asked to participate in the Tubac Health Fair on March 31, Saturday from 10-4PM. How exciting! I plan to have a booth all day, with lots of info, products and prizes. The Health Fair also has a speaker’s roster so you could attend any number of talks. And guess what, I have even been asked to speak on one of my favorite topics, Constipation!

I am inviting you to drive down to Tubac, a lovely community south of Tucson with art galleries, hiking trails and the Floating Stone Inn and Aqua Spa. You can make a day of it including spa time at Aqua Spa. At the same time, you can learn more about going to the next level with your health.

Floating Stone


Have You Ever Heard of Post-Deployment Constipation?

“Dear Intestinal Health Institute,

I just returned home from a deployment and I was suffering from Post Deployment Constipation. I quickly turned to Google to inquire about Colonics. Google immediately directed me to Sheila Shea, a Colon Hydrotherapist for 35 years. I had not had a movement in nearly 2 weeks and did not have the appetite I used to have. After my first visit with Sheila Shea, the feeling I had was a complete 180° turn around. I had the urge to eat and the urge to eliminate once again.

I requested a second visit immediately after. Once the second session was over I was back to normal in my movements and I was eating my 3 square meals at last!!  Not only did Colonics with Sheila Shea get me back on track it also helped me with my sleep.  I was able to get my 8 hours. That had not happened for more than 6 months. Thank you Intestinal Health Institute!!
Thank you, Sheila Shea!!

The Happiest Customer”


How Did One Client Survive Thanksgiving in Las Vegas?
How to Make Good Food Choices in Challenging Environments!

“Every year my boyfriend and I spend over 10 days in Vegas and sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy but this year I was better prepared than in past years.  Before I left I made sure I knew where to find decent super markets close to the strip.  I found a Whole Foods Market about 5 miles from where we stay so this was perfect!

As soon as we landed I stopped by the market and purchased fruit for 5 days (easy to eat items like oranges, apples, pears, and bananas since I do not have utensils/refrigerator).  I also had my Dr. Schulze SuperFood bars which are full of nutrients and I packed my Sunwarrior Raw Vegan Protein along with my nifty blender bottle (all I needed for my shakes was water). This is what I ate for the next 5 days and I felt great!  I was working out 4-5 hours daily and spending at least 2 hours in the spa afterwards.

The next five days we stayed with a friend so I went back to the market and bought ready to eat organic mixed greens, avocados, local fresh salsa, more fruit including a pineapple, raw walnuts, and organic sprouted baked tofu.  I was in heaven the entire time and still working out at least 3-4 hours (mostly running and climbing).  There were a couple of times we ate out and luckily I was able to eat yummy Greek salads or fresh guacamole and salsa.  Looking forward to next year.

Hot Links to Cool Places

Final Words

The Move to Going Natural, Buying Local and Returning to the Kitchen
by Sheila Shea

Farmers Market

The big movement in the natural food world is buying local and organic. Farmer’s Markets, Community Supported Agriculture, Community Gardens of Tucson and homeowners are supplying Tucson with an abundance of produce, animal products, herbs, salves and soaps, for starts. It’s phenomenol.

I visited my favorite farmer’s market last Sunday. A friend and I rode our bikes down the Rillito River Park path from Craycroft to Campbell and walked our bikes around the market. I was most attracted to the freshly grown sprouts and a big bunch of dill. It was a great experience. I am heading back again next week in my car. I saw some native plants and a fruit tree, a loquat, for sale. A perfect complement to my garden.

What’s my point? It takes a little more energy or thought to go to the farmer’s market than it does to Trader Joe’s or whatever store is easy and convenient to me. I’m in a transition. I’m turning my thinking around. I want to buy delicious, organic and locally grown food. I’m getting to know the farmer’s markets and I’m shifting my shopping in that direction.

The transition is to natural from processed, to slow food from fast food. Not only is it going local, it’s also “returning to the kitchen.’ Now that I have all these goodies from the farmer’s market, I come home and make something from scratch in my kitchen. Returning to the kitchen means I am spending time making dishes from scratch. Nothing in the recipe is processed.

However, the ‘time in the kitchen’ becomes grounding, creative and very satisfying.  When I make a raw dish that I really like, I want to share it with my friends. Then I want to make it for my friends. That creates community. Community is another great reward for creating and sharing food.

Some people complain they do not have enough energy. I find that when I take the time to prepare my food and share it with others, I receive a tremendous amount of energy. Going natural, buying local and returning to the kitchen have great rewards. Give them a try!