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October 2011
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  • Sheila's Blog
  • Frequency of Colonics and Maintenance
  • What Products Are at the Intestinal Health Institute?
  • Recipe: Kream of Broccoli with Red Bell Pepper Kream
  • Acid vs. Alkaline
  • Testimonials
  • Coffee Enemas
  • For Sale: Hi-lo Electric Massage Table
  • Hot Links to Cool Sites
  • The Retreat at My Home
  • Remember! I Give Lectures and Presentations
  • Services
  • A Final Note!

Sheila's Blog

Hello and welcome to the new fall season!

My featured picture this month is a vegetable sculpture by none other than a local Tucsonan who has taken the complete gourmet chef course at the Living Light Culinary Institute in California. The theme today is to return to nature. I am so inspired by our raw food community and the wonderful events they provide for our Tucson community. Last Sunday, we had 3 of the world's foremost raw food personalities give an 8-hour seminar as part of our Vitality Master's Series. The idea is simply to eat, act and think more naturally. If your food is natural, it is not processed. When you are eating naturally, you can receive colon hydrotherapy in order to move out the old, processed and chemicalized foods.


Vegetable Sculpture
Courtesy of

Enjoy the newsletter and check out the links, too. 



Frequency of Colonics and Maintenance

It's always trying to get a handle on what the appropriate number of colonics is for each person as well as what is a good schedule for maintenance once one has had a series of colonics.

We, at the Intestinal Health Institute, suggest that each person start with at least 3-5 colon hydrotherapy sessions. It takes a few sessions to allow the person to release better, to strengthen their gut muscles and to make improvements in their lifestyle. Also, the more a person has let themselves go, the more challenging that first session is. Once the person has committed to a series, then the first session indicates how frequently each session is performed. For many, 2-3 sessions in the first week does the trick and is a great relief. 

Then, down the road, it pays to have maintenance colonics. I see many once a month for their tune-up. The people that are consistent with maintenance report better elimination over all as well as better muscle tone in the colon. Plus they stay on track better with their diets and lifestyle during the month. That is to be desired.

What Products Are at the Intestinal Health Institute?

I try to carry the products that are most germane to your health and needs.

The Arise & Shine 7-Day Cleanse is a big seller at $80. I always have that in stock. I just finished doing the 7-day cleanse last Sunday and by the 5th day I felt a great sense of peace and love not to mention what came out of me daily!!!!!

Enema bags are another big seller. The price is right at $12.95. Enemas are important for self-help, self-care, traveling and much more. If you are interested, I can show you a series of exercises to use during an enema to make it more successful and to exercise your gut muscles.

I also carry the good probiotic, Flora Grow, by Arise & Shine, Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottscall, Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride and The Liver Gall Bladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz.

If there are any products you think I should be carrying, please let me know. Call me if you would like to pick up any product. (520) 325-9686.

Recipe: Kream of Broccoli with Red Bell Pepper Kream

So often, many of you are looking for new, delicious and natural recipes you can make for yourself or your family. I found this delish recipe in Ani Phyo's, Ani's Raw Food Essentials. The recipe is so rich that I could barely eat one bowl of the soup. The red bell peppers create a beautiful orange swirl on top of the creamed broccoli spinach combination! Also, the soup was delicious cold and I used it as a sauce for other dishes! It's quite versatile.

Print Recipe

Acid vs. Alkaline

The standard American diet is very acidic. How could it be otherwise when mainly fruits and vegetables are the predominantly alkaline foods. Diseases such as cancer and diabetes thrive in an acid environment. The key is to shift more into alkaline foods in order to restore our health. Here's a list of the MOST alkaline foods. Make a note and then add them to your diet.

ionized water, spinach, broccoli, artichokes, brussel sprouts, red cabbage, celery, cauliflower, carrots, potato skins, alfalfa grass, cucumbers, collards, seaweed, onions, asparagus, lemons, limes, parsley.

Other foods are alkaline however those are the most alkaline. The grain, millet, and the nut, almond, are neutral to slightly alkaline so include those in your diet, too.

Courtesy of

         Courtesy of


"Hi Sheila: I want to let you know what I think about the colonics I've been receiving in our colonic for lymphatic massage trades. My intestines were in better shape to take the stress I experienced this past week because of the colonics. I ate the best in a very long time because I purchased food just for me and stuck to it. My biggest awareness with the colonics was "HOW MUCH" emotional holding I was doing in my bowels. My healthier elimination is from my "colonic gymnastics." The colonics really exercise my gut and help activate my gut muscles. I'm still learning so much more from the hydrotherapy and I'm sure there is still much more to come.

Blessings to you...

Yvonne M. Esker LMT, Lymphatic Drainage Specialist

(520) 977-7181"

"Hi Sheila,

I sure miss our visiting and hope all is going well for you!

I have enjoyed once again, reading your newsletter and am so glad you had such an excellent experience at your potluck. Love the picture! I am one who would really enjoy trying the recipes. Please send along.

I have to tell you the wonderful news of my renewed health, as you were an integral key to my reaching this beautiful place. After last seeing you, I had my regular blood work for the bio HRT's and thyroid. Here is not only my follow-up, but also what I have changed.

1. Raised t4 and t3 significantly, slightly raised estrogen and progesterone.
2. Removed honey and bananas (not able to digest fructose yet)
3. Two HLC before meals with protein and 2 digestive enzymes with each meal
4. Two spoons Kim Chee with each meal (I was eating too much)
5. I am still eating only the SCD but will be testing additions soon

I am so comfortable with a flat tummy, quiet digestion and mental wellbeing and energy. The increase in thyroid medicine made me feel remarkably better within 2 days, feeling more energy and wellbeing than I have felt in 2 years!!! I have to believe that the increase made the difference in the energy of all my systems.

The colonics and you confirming what I suspected when I first saw you, that I had to get off the carbs and do the SCD for my gut to heal, made the difference in restoring my health. I am sooo grateful to you!

Just wanted you to know that I am feeling great due in large part, to you! I thank you from the bottom of my heart-

With love, L"

"Hi Sheila,

I don't know if you remember me or not, I had just one or two colonic sessions with you, I think just before I moved away from Tucson in the spring of 2008.

I just wanted to tell you that all along I have loved getting your newsletters while I am here in Massachusetts. I continue to eat a wheat free, mostly vegan and grain free diet, however, I have fallen off the wagon in some sense, have gained some weight, and am not eating at my best.

What I want to thank you for is the reminder that, despite not having as much "scientific evidence," (mostly because of corporate financial interests - raw food, colonics and alternative health not being taken seriously or studied by academic researchers, etc), there is SO MUCH good information out there - like the things that you send in your newsletter. Things that many people try to convince me are not so important or scientifically documented. Things like the true danger of mercury fillings. Things like the link between processed sugar and emotional well-being. Things like the benefits of periodic fasting, etc.

So, thank you for the reminder that I have an entire community in Tucson who believes what I believe and that not to let dentists or academic health researchers get me down. I am going to refer to this most recent newsletter often. Keep'em coming.

In gratitude, T"

Coffee Enemas

I've found 2 excellent links to help you know more about coffee enemas, their value, how to administer, the kind of coffee to use and so on. Over time, coffee enemas have been used for cancer, migraines, liver cleansing, pain and host of other conditions. It's a miracle how something we usually think of taking orally would now be implanted in our rectum for health purposes! So read on and tune in! Be sure to check the library link on the S.A. Wilson site.

HealthE Goods - PurEnema Organic Coffee 1 Pound and S.A. Wilsons Gold Roast Coffee

For Sale: Hi-lo Electric Massage Table

Hi-lo electric massage table for sale Sturdy, heavy-duty white metal frame and in excellent condition.

New is over $3000

Asking $850.00

Call Heather (520) 981-6027

Hot Links to Cool Places

Green Skincare Guru Tata Harper Shares Recipes for Getting Gorgeous
by Jen Smith

Jen Smith writes about my favorite skin care specialist in the world, Tata Harper. If you want the finest in skin care, Tata Harper has it. Plus Jen tells us of many of the personal preferences, favorite oils and cleaning techniques of Tata. We get more of an inside look into this wonderful entrepreneur and purist when it comes to the skin.

21 Day Raw Food Cleanse Diet Program or the Garden Diet Program 

Do a raw program for 21 days!!!! One of my clients researched the internet and found this link. She decided to try it. Check it out, it might be for you.

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Effectively Lowers Colon Cancer Risk
by John Phillip

Lady Finger Herb Provides Colon Health
by Lenette Nakauchi
Fecal Flora Transplantation In the Treatment of Colonic and Metabolic Disease
by Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO

Reference: Grehan MJ, Borody TJ, Leis SM, Campbell J, Mitchell H, Wettstein A. Durable alteration of the colonic microbiota by the administration of donor fecal flora. J Clin Gastroenterol. 2010;44(8):551-561.

This is a more academic article about the process of using a healthy donor's feces and implanting it into another person for the purpose of improving their intestinal microbial population.
Learn the Truth - The Erroneous Beliefs about Calcium Bentonite Clay
by Perry Arledge

Bentonite clay is a very important component in the most successful intestinal cleansing programs that are taken orally.

Ten Reasons Why Leafy Greens Are the Power Players on Any Plate
by Paula Rothstein

The Retreat at My Home

Stay at my home for the week, $700 including 2 colonics. Raw food or SCD or both. Private bedroom and bathroom. Inspirational education. Exercise daily. Transform, be quiet or be loud, eat and drink, move your body, lift your spirits. Email or call me (520) 325-9686.

Remember! I Give Lectures and Presentations

Sheila Shea is available to speak to your business or professional organization. I am happy to present my knowledge on colon hydrotherapy, detoxification and cleansing programs, raw food and/or specific carbohydrate diets. Email or call me (520) 325-9686.


Colon Hydrotherapy Spa & School, Consultations, Retreats & Raw Food Classes.

A Final Note!

          Get out into nature, move!

Enjoy the fall. Some of you lament the coming of the cold, however, those of us in Tucson welcome the cooler nights and days.

Come in and get your colon hydrotherapy, keep your intestines in good shape and quiet.

For one week only, I am offering the Economic Colonic at $55 each, as many as you want, 2 months expiry from date of purchase.

Call in at (520) 325-9686 to pay by credit card or pay when you come in for your session. Available October 26, Wednesday through November 2, Wednesday.

See you soon; keep your spirits high!


Sheila Shea, Director
[email protected]